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Bethany Arceneaux Family Kills Her Attacker & Rescues Her

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bethany arceneaux

Lafayette, LA 

Bethany Arceneaux Family Kills Her Attacker & Rescues Her

On Wednesday of this week, Bethany Arceneaux was taken hostage by her ex-boyfriend and father of her child Scott Thomas, when Thomas grabbed her as she was leaving a daycare center. Bethany Arceneaux’s family was determined to get the young mother back at home by any means necessary!


Bethany Arceneaux


Arceneaux’s family began a search party for the young mother, when ‘walking through a pasture with an abandoned home they suddenly heard a yell from inside the home,’ according to Captain Kip Judice of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.

‘Friends and family actually came into contact with the victim and the suspect in or out of the house,’ Lafayette Police Corporal Paul Mouton told KPEL.

‘There was a confrontation at that point. During that confrontation, the victim was freed,’ he said, adding that Miss Arceneaux was said to be in ‘good condition other than some injuries that she had received’.

During this confrontation Bethany Arceneaux’s family shot and killed Scott Thomas as they freed the young woman.

Bethany Arceneaux


Bethany Arceneaux


The couple have a violent history revealed in several police reports, according to KATC 3. She had filed several reports alleging domestic abuse and also filed a restraining order against Thomas.


Rescued: Marcus Arceneaux carries his niece, Bethany, to safety after she was kidnapped and stabbed in an abandoned house

Marcus Arceneaux carrying his niece Bethany to safety after the family rescued her from Scott Thomas.

Mr. Arceneaux, the victim’s uncle, said: ‘We found my niece Bethany, she’s OK. I’d like to thank everybody who came out and helped us search.’

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