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Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend Steals Jewlery, Cash, & Cheats With RayJ

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floyd mayweather girlfriend

Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend Steals Jewlery, Cash, & Cheats With RayJ!

Earlier this year Floyd Mayweather broke up with his finance Shantel Jackson. Not one to stay alone for long,  Mayweather found a new girlfriend, Princess Love (pictured above.) Well you probably guessed 50 had to be somewhere in the mix, and you would be right. 50 put Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend on blast soon after they started dating, and posted on Instagram that his girlfriend was cheating with no other than Brandy’s little brother Ray J.

Okay, you got that? Good!

So now it seems 50 may not have been so bitter about his friendship with Mayweather going bad…no scratch that one. It appears that 50 was sour about that, but he may have been telling the truth about Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend. 

According to Larry Brown Sports, Floyd’s girlfriend, Princess Love,  robbed him of jewelry and $10,000 cash the night he fought Canelo Alvarez.

Our source says about eight Rolex watches, close to $10,000 cash, and some other items were stolen from the his home. Mayweather owns multiple properties in the Las Vegas area, and we’re told the home that was robbed is where Mayweather’s girlfriend was staying. Princess Love apparently tried pinning the burglary on one of her friends, but Floyd got in contact with that woman. The woman spilled to Floyd Mayweather that his  girlfriend Princess organized the robbery.

Well, 50 enjoyed being right by sending out these message to Floyd Mayweather about his than girlfriend!

Caption@Floydmayweather don’t feel Stupid some of them belong on a TRACK that’s all

floyd mayweather girlfriend

Caption: I GOT FLOYD, I GOT RAY J At the same damn Time”

floyd mayweather girlfriend

Caption: Ray j said my time is money.LMAO

floyd mayweather girlfriend

floyd mayweather girlflriend

Caption: This is Floyd’s message to the girl lol:

floyd mayweather girlfriend

floyd mayweather girlfriend

Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend did respond on Instagram saying:

“It’s amazing the things that people go through to bring you down when all you want to do is be happy.”

And, there you have it folks………..50 know he not right………. :)

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